Tips For Cleaning A Hoarder’s House

It is not easy to handle hoarding disorder. Managing a person with such a condition can be draining, emotionally. Deciding where to begin the cleaning can be a tough decision. The following steps will help you handle the situations, clean and sanitise the hoarders house so that it remains safe for everyone.

Stoves are among the most used appliances in homes. However, if a house is affected by hoarding, stoves can pose as a danger not only to those living in the home but also to the neighbours. When clutter is near the stove, it can quickly start a fire. Debris can fall into the stove and make an item to catch fire. When fire starts in a hoarding environment, the results can be devastating because clutter can accelerate, giving you insufficient time to get out or put off the fire. So, ensure the stove is far away from a hoarding environment.


Tripping hazards are something you need to be cautious of if you are in a hoarders house. When debris accumulates all over the house, there is a higher chance for residents tripping and falling. When left on the stairs, clutter and debris can cause multiple risks, especially if you are using a walking aid or a cane. You cannot use the handrail if debris or clutter accumulates on the stairs. Also, you wont be able to see items, which makes the use of stairs ineffective. So, when strategising on a reduction plan, do not forget to include the stairs on things that need to stay clear of clutter and debris.

In different parts of the house, clutter can be a nuisance and cause a lot of inconveniences. When clutter accumulates near the door (both the entrance and exit), you cannot get out of your home quickly. Entry and exit doors should remain clean to exit fast and safely, as well as to allow firefighters and EMT workers to access your home quickly.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are prone to fires, but when exposed to a hoarding environment, they can cause more harm than good. If plastic, paper or any flammable materials encounter a space heater, a fire will occur, and you may not have time to get out of the house fast and safely. Therefore, when in a hoarder environment, ensure to emphasise the importance of keeping the surrounding area free from debris and clutter.

Extension Cords

Extension cords are used in many homes to connect appliances to power sources. In hoard environments, many of the extension cords wont be easily accessible because of the clutter. So, you may have to use cables from other rooms. When you use these chords repeatedly, they may touch each other and trigger fire. Make sure that you inspect and look for extension cords that are not used correctly. Furthermore, you may need to clear out a small area in front of the wires that are blocked by clutter so that you can safely use your electronics.

While there are numerous places for safety concern in a hoarders home, the list discussed above is but a few of the significant risks. When cleaning a house, you should consider these areas to keep yourself safe. Know how to identify crucial safety concerns in an environment that has a lot of clutter or debris. This will help reduce risks. This company offers these services for people in need of cleaning a hoarders house.